Even with confirming himself as golden-haired, others tended to label your « emo » while the an insult

  • Forgotten someone you care about titled Julia. The original is actually Joey.
  • Are nicknamed Emo Man. Another a couple getting Jesse, and you can Sav.
  • Taught their partner how-to drive. The first is actually J.T.
  • Smashed an automobile on purpose. The first is actually Paige.
  • Smashed a pc purposely. The first is actually Sean. The 3rd is actually Zoe. and you will Maya. is the last.
  • Was diagnosed with Manic depression. The original try Craig.
  • Try taken to their girlfriend’s domestic by their wife, so you’re able to spite herparents. The initial try Jay.
  • Discover a person’s lifeless human anatomy toward accident. The original was Serpent.
  • Grabbed Euphoria. The initial is actually Ashley.

, who’s dysgraphia , who’s got dyscalculia , who has ADHD(attract shortage hyperactivity disease) , exactly who likewise has bipolar disorder and you can Zoe, whom both provides dyslexia , who’s got asperger’s problem , that has Unusual(oppositional defiant disorder)

Looks Style

Eli’s looks has evolved along the year he’s appeared in, from putting on a costume in the goth outfits, so you can putting on a very punk-ish layout.

Throughout the 12 months 10 together with first 50 % of 12 months 11, Eli’s clothing contains complete black outfits, as well as black colored fingernails, locks, and you will clothes. He including used black eyeliner to enhance his browse. His reputation considered getting heavily influenced by previous characters Ellie and Ashley’s goth and you will rocker looks respectively. Their looks and land, and additionally their very early writing design, received him a reputation of being « fascinated with demise », that have a locker decorated having skulls, a head pillowcase, plus driving a classic hearse entitled « Mortimer » (nicknamed « Morty », maybe according to the Latin word to possess death, « mors/mortis »).

Within the last half regarding Season eleven, Eli, today an elderly, needed to adjust to dressed in a blue top in the place of reddish, since the university got an excellent consistent plan at that time. To date, Eli started initially to wear a more informal kind of clothing which have a great deal more shade, while keeping a dark build. He concludes straightening their tresses and you can permits it to getting curly. Immediately following Degrassi’s consistent plan is abolished, the guy went back so you can putting on primarily black colored, but his golden-haired attire is significantly diluted.

From inside the Seasons several and you can 13, Eli started to wear way more rocker/punk gowns that have vibrant shade, like dark-green jean coats and you will light or complete-colour tees. It is considered that up until now, the guy fell their « goth » come across a more « punk » search.

Ms. Dawes tells the girl to read the new project she’s come operating towards the, a page in order to the girl mommy. Once the she reads, Eli was paying attention raptly that have a grin into their face. Ms. Dawes asks him his opinion on it, in which he states the guy thinks it’s so good you to she is read it at college or university program you to evening. Clare looks disappointed and you can declines, but Ms. Dawes insists, so you’re able to Eli’s satisfaction. Clare reminds Eli one their mommy might possibly be from the show, but he only answers one she desired to give her parents just how she sensed, in any event. With the nights the new reveal, this woman is too afraid to read the woman page and you can renders, disregarding Eli’s protests.

Within the Was Trustworthiness (2), Eli gets Fitz this new fake I.D., and he assurances Eli that for as long as it functions, the guy won’t irritate her or him. Later, Fitz welcomes Eli with a great evil punch to the arm inside this new hall. Clare appears happy one to Eli has made comfort which have Fitz, however, the guy states that he’s likely to find yourself what Fitz already been, worrying the woman. Clare requires Adam about any of it, but Adam does not disclose her one thing. Adam simply requires one she stay out of they, as Eli has actually a beneficial ‘big surprise’ in store to have Fitz.

Whenever Clare attempts to face Eli the very next day, the guy convinces their that he isn’t really in search of her and that he could be disappointed he contributed her on. When Clare guides out along with her bicycle, disappointed, Eli observe having a tight phrase for the his deal with. The digital camera focuses primarily on him, and you may ever so somewhat, the guy shakes his lead and you may continues implementing Morty.

Throughout Falls Off (1), Clare is incredibly troubled in the getting trapped having means of one’s stink bomb, very Eli lies to help you Dominant Simpson for her (much to her treat), saying Fitz set it of. Just after Simpson departs, Eli tells Clare he knows just how she will be able to give thanks to your to have lying for her just before leaning when you look at the and making out the lady. Once Eli’s exam, the guy tries to hug her once more regarding the hallway but she ends up your and you may asks if they’re during the a romance.

Eli are disappointed when he hears regarding state with her parent’s attacking, however, requires in the event the Clare can always get to the brand new author’s talk following awards, and that she solutions because of the catching a solution. Within awards, just after Clare ends up her speech, Eli greets their backstage, and one or two slip away and you can run across the newest stage so you can exit. Later, Eli and Clare have emerged speaking of this new Chuck Palahniuk knowledge, while they walk along the path along with her. Clare avoids the woman moms and dads phone calls and you may ways both get complimentary piercings. After its ears is newly pierced, it grab a walk at Mark. Clare’s moms and dads still call, and you can Eli informs her the guy desires this lady moms and dads so you’re able to such your, claiming they may fault your for her becoming away late. She distracts him throughout the topic by the kissing him.

Into the Halo (2), Eli facilitate Clare and Adam establish toward team inside the this new given up church grounds for the brand new team. Eli attends the team that is surprised just how many some one showed up. His viewpoint altered, and today thinks which they possibly may be the « party-throwing products. » He inquiries Adam in the when Fiona will be to arrive. After you to definitely night, Eli and Clare cuddle in a great hammock, taking a look at the celebrities.


12 months eleven

Within the Closer to Free (2), he foretells Clare in regards to the Myspace events, reassuring their that everything you might be okay.